Your Business Rules Digitized

We create seamless interaction between
People, Places and Objects.

Your environment, responding to you

We create a human-focused experience

Your environment

Any environment whether public, office or industrial, is occupied and used by people, different spaces and objects. Think about your own environment. Many environments still are so-called physical environments: everything is there, but nothing is connected or responding to interaction. Conclusion: opportunities lay ahead of you.

People, Places & Objects

AMI’s technology is called “PPOid” (People, Places & Objects identified). It distincts People, Places and Objects, by adding a connection and a unique digital profile. The PPOid nodes, gateways and data platform catch and anlyze the data and make interaction between People, Places and Objects visible and tangible.

Seamless user experience

From connectivity, to identities and interaction, PoY is able to recognize or even predict events. This unique way of digital interaction makes it possible to use events for actionability. As a result, we are able to  focus on a human-centric design approach, and create simple seamless interaction between digital and physical worlds. Environments and objects within will now be able to respond seamlessly to people’s behaviour.

Any environment can be responsive to you


We work to capture and increase the value of information & interaction into your business.
People, Places & Objects merged together into a single experience.
Uncover the value between interactions and relationships with us.

AMI develops and brands innovative hardware & software
to create smart environments

Together, our products form a connected intelligent system, that makes any physical asset smart and gives it the ability to sense, interpret, communicate and negotiate, and effectively have a digital ‘voice’. this means that AMI can turn your business environment into a smart environment by providing an advanced level of connectivity in devices. 

Our goal is to help people, places and objects interact to increase peace of mind.  the Internet-of-Things involves many elements, while People stay the central hub; the actual goal. people need Peace Of Mind; in their personal life, as employees, and as entrepreneurs. we always have something to worry about. Lets take that away.

Full Digital Empathic Enviroments

Introducing ambient for business. The system that can make any physical asset smart in its interaction with
people within environments. We create something truly new: "technology with a human focus".
We take innovation and technology and builld best-in-class products and services.

Empathic IoT

Identity is the fundament for meaningful interaction. AMI now brings digital interaction to the physical world. Instead of just connecting things (IoT), we offer true and meaningful interaction and a seamless user experience.

Intelligent Nodes & Gateways

Nodes are our micro computers, but ours are as small as 2,2 x 3,5x 0,5 cm. Equipped with sensors, our PoY software and connectivity, our intelligent nodes can talk. They know who or what they are and how to act. Our intelligent gateways make it all work together. That’s how we transform any environment, into an intelligent one.


We created microApps as smart functionality to recognize events. When these events occur, microApps trigger an automatic action. micoApps can be added to any person, place, object or specific collection of them. microApps make your environment responsive and anticipating.

PPOid: People, Plaves & Objects identified

A digital identity given to every person, place and object is the fundament for meaningful interaction. PPOid is our technology and platform for creating meaningful data, understanding and recognizing events, and the ability to predict and execute actions.

IoT for X-as-a-Service

AMI uses layered systems, advanced logic, and intelligent hardware in new ways to create a social experience of the  things around us. Any person, place of object that has a PoY node, can be part of the experience. Building intelligent environments in fact create business opportunities and new business models.

Labs & Research

With our background in labs & research for the European Space agency and the ISS (International Space Station), we have extensive experience in designing and testing for specific use cases. Our approach is to design a truly great user experience.


Custom designed & manufactured sensor systems, build for you. Something a little different? Even really different? We build it all. From Small production runs, to full tier custom orders, we build interaction nodes from all-purpose to super specific.


Experience centres, co-application projects, funded innovation projects ... Do you have a brand? We do too. Why not collaborate? If you have a brand that would benifit from our PoY technology, let’s explore opportunities together.